Who am I?

My name is Joe, and I’m a proudly self-taught developer and all-round tech nerd.

I love the feeling of working on a project and watching it grow from a few lines of code to a website. As a result I’ve built a lot of sites and drunk more tea than a small country.

I am a WordPress specialist with expertise in creating, updating and maintaining websites, from pixel perfect one page sites to large, scaleable websites with pages in the hundreds.


I’ve been a developer for 9 years, and still learning with every project. Which is just the way I like it.


  • I was the lead developer at Fluro Ltd, a full service creative agency regulary ranked in The Drum’s top 100 agencies.
  • I worked both independently and with freelancers on a number of projects, and later managed the training and progression of a junior developer.
  • This role included translating visuals into modern semantic HTML5 output, using modern PHP and JS frameworks and animation libraries to build on WordPress CMS.
  • I was responsible for source code version control and collaborative workflow management.
  • You can see a number of projects that I worked on at fluroltd.com


  • I started as a junior developer and worked as the sole dedicated developer, working as part of the creative team.
  • I was responsible for website creation, maintenance and technical support for all clients.
  • Websites ranged from small one-page brochures to large sites with upwards of 100 pages and bespoke API integrations.